Ill be posting about the natural face masks im trying on my other blog


Tonight is an egg white/ honey/ coconut oil mask.

In a few days ill be doing a honey and oat mask.

Id like to try a bunch to see what works best for me.

Face masks and meditation

Throwing away my mud mask stuff. I dont like having a burn on my face… so instead of buying crapy chemical filled face masks ill try some homemade ones.

I have organic honey and ill get organic oats on Thursday from the co-op ^.^

The only time I get to meditate now a days is when I do a face mask lol

Anyone try any natural face masks?


So a friend of mine (an old coworker) messaged me asking if id teach her and a few people how to bead embroider.

She asked because the only bead store in northeast Wisconsin that is open normal hours is in my town and she’d like me to come back to Appleton for the day to teach.

Id like to but idk how I feel about her paying me. Lol ive only ever taught the simple crappy classes at Michael’s so im a little nervous. Maybe ill just ask for gas money because it takes like half a tank to get there in my blue goose (my van)

Im going to get stuff together on what I need to teach. I haven’t heard bavk after I said yes.